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Fab Lab Egypt At ICT 2017 - In Collaboration with Orange

Cairo ICT 2017, held at Egypt’s brand-new venue “Egypt Exhibition Center”, was one of the region’s top technology exhibitions and Conferences. The exhibition set a record of 93,234 visitors, where more than 500 exhibitors from 16 countries showcased their unique projects to the MENA region leading tech companies and entities. It was unique blend of government, business, academia, and users from the most important domains. And on the 21st round of Cairo ICT, Fab Lab Egypt were at their booth with Orange showcasing their joint established Fablabs around Egypt.

In partnership with Fab Lab Egypt and Immersive VR, Mansoura Motorsport turned their car into a VR Simulator on the ground’s of Cairo ICT’17

With its slogan for the year being “Expect the Unexpected”, Cairo ICT 2017 incorporated 4 sub-events:

  • PAFIX, in its 4th round, received bankers, fintech professionals and the business community interested in digital inclusion, fintech and blockchain technology;

  • Intelli-Cities, in its third edition, saw professionals following the entire range, from a smart city infrastructure and utilities, to smart homes.

  • DSS, in its 3rd round, which saw many professionals, some in uniform, to learn about technologies employed in Defense, Security and Public Safety for government and domestic use.

  • Finally, the big bang was with the resounding success of the Innovation Arena, with more than 50 startups displaying their innovative ideas in 7 different domains, both on the ground and in a pitch battle that culminated in 8 mega prizes. It also comprised presentations, training sessions and different activities for the future.


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