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Celebrating Arduino Day 2023 at Goethe's Creative Space

In celebration of Cairo Arduino Day 2023, San3a Tech partnered up with Goethe Institute to develop an open day full of different activities.

During the day, participants attended a session on the basics of gardening, and how to take care of your plants at home, and it also covered the topic of smart gardening and how to use the concepts of the Internet of Things in making it easier to take care of home gardens.

Everyone had fun painting their pots, and turning them into art pieces before getting to the point where they learned how to use Arduino boards to connect with different sensors such as moisture sensors in order to create simple programs that water the plants according to the sensors' readings.

Participants also had the chance to explore Goethe's Creative Space, and its different equipment and activities such as 3D Printing, VR sets, and Electronics and Development Kits.


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